"Tromsø municipality used BIT to determine that only a short section of a multi-kilometer water main installed between 1978 and 1986 had risk of new breaches. This reduced our rehabilitation costs by approximately € 800k.”

-Tromsø municipality

“BIT is the only inspection company that satisfies the strict requirements of the Groningen Waterworks, a large water supplier company in The Netherlands.  Based on BIT inspection, we were able to determine that an important water main would last for at least 20 more years, enabling us to postpone an € 8 million investment.”

-Groningen Waterworks

Challenges faced by customers:

  • Incomplete overview of the pipe network’s condition   
  • Many old and corroded pipes   
  • Increasing number of leaks and breakages   
  • Individual pipes have their own deterioration rate  
  • Low rehabilitation rates 
  • Inadequate information for the choice of the right rehabilitation method

Our solution provides:

  • An overview of the pipe network’s condition without excavation
  • A basis for optimized rehabilitation plans
  • A basis for prioritization of rehabilitation projects
  • The opportunity to take action before failure occurs
  • The possibility to improve the functionality of the network
  • Information that will make it possible to increase the service lifetime of the network

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